Our team

Nancy J MacDonald

Let's face it...it's all about love!

Nancy was born and raised in Halifax N.S and spent most of her childhood outdoors riding and caring for horses. An independent spirit, she started her own salon at 30. With many years dabbling in natural health modalities and and then becoming a Yoga teacher, she wanted to get the chemical toxins out of her work environment. A natural artist, Nancy wasn't willing to give up hair color. 'I see the beauty in people and color is such an important part of what I do to enhance the way my clients feel about themselves.'

Organic Color Systems was a natural choice. It was a product Nancy knew she could stand behind.

'When I first used this product it really had to prove itself to me and it did. There's nothing we can't do with it and some things we can do even better. I knew I wanted to get it out there. It's not just about protecting ourselves and our clients, it's about protecting the earth. It would be wonderful if the next generation didn't have to breathe and handle harsh chemicals in the name of beauty ever again.'

Sheila M Millard

It's all about connection!

Sheila was born and raised in the town of Springhill. Being a small town girl she was raised with a strong sense of community and love for nature. she was happiest outdoors playing in her bare feet!

'My aunt was a hairdresser so I just naturally fell into it as I had a deep desire to really connect with people.' Sheila attended the Community College there and was fortunate to have an incredible teacher, 'She was fantastic with hair and taught me how to hug. I just loved her.'

With over 20 years in the business Sheila is a color specialist and has mastered all the popular lines on the market and custom color designs for each client. Putting the finishing touches on her designs is her favorite part. 'Your going to leave with a great blowout so don't be in a rush!'

She has lived in Bedford with her daughter sammi for years and with Eco Chic moving to Bedford it was a natural career choice.

A philanthropist at heart and giving back to her community, an environmentally friendly salon is in alignment with everything Sheila stands for.

'It's better for me...it's better you.'